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RPG games for Android

Role-playing games, or RPGs, are based on board game elements. The essence usually comes down to the development of the character or the improvement of the world. RPGs are often based on popular universes from movies, books, and comics.

Genshin Impact: Players see the story from the perspective of a hero named Traveler. The goal is to find the lost twin. Huge free game with amazing graphics – you can even play it on your computer.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. A masterpiece of all times, made in the best years of Bioware. The game is based on the Star Wars comic book series by George Lucas.

Evoland series. Games based on games. The plot and tasks are constantly changing, showing the evolution of the gaming industry, new technologies, and even graphics. An unusual alternation of genres will not let the player get bored.

Final Fantasy: It is one of the first influential Japanese RPGs created by game designer Hironobu Sakaguchi. The game world of Final Fantasy is mentioned seven times in the Guinness Book of Records for advanced development, music, and other features.

best android games


Strategy games for Android

In this genre, the player needs to think ahead, anticipate the actions of the enemy and allocate their own resources to achieve the goal.

Good news for gamers: a group of scientists from the US and the UK found that those who play strategy process information faster and develop their intellectual abilities.

XCOM 2 Collection. The secret international organization XCOM is trying to stop an alien invasion of Earth. The cult series of turn-based tactical games that have been released on PC since the mid-90s is now on Android. Most often, players praise XCOM 2 Collection for its graphics and plot and scold for errors in the application.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Control your army and conquer the lands. The developers call the game the most popular in the genre of tower defense.

Rise of Kingdoms. Try to grow one of 12 civilizations from scratch: collect resources, expand your army, and fight. A nice bonus for those who feel sorry for the money for mobile games: Rise of Kingdoms is free to play.

Civilization VI. After installation, you can make 60 moves for free. Few? Enough to lay the foundations for the civilization of your dreams. Then you need to purchase the full version, which, however, is quite difficult in the current situation. The Civilization series of games itself needs no introduction: Sid Meier’s famous strategies are loved by players for their deep elaboration and originality of the gameplay.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition. Real-time strategy game with tower defense elements. Players most admire the unusual minimalistic graphics.

Mini metro. One of the most unusual games in this genre, which even looks like a puzzle. The player will have to design subway lines in real cities.

Tropico. Play as the dictator El Presidente and try to develop the city without running into an eternally disgruntled population.

Shooters for Android

Shooters, or “shooters,” are often accused of having unnecessarily violent plots and scenes of violence. But there are studies showing that games have a positive effect on the cognitive functions, motivation, and even socialization of players. [2]

Max Payne. The cult game was released in 2012 for mobile devices. However, not very successful.

PUBG: New State. Action in the genre of the royal battle, the ancestor of the genre, is available for free download and on smartphones. Most users can’t stop playing the game at first but complain about graphical bugs. However, developers regularly fix them.

Code Mobile. Yes, this is the same famous Call of Duty, only on a mobile device. You can download it for free.

Standoff 2. A free shooter game in 2017 was made by the Russian company Axlebol. Although many users complain about the lack of a gyroscope, Standoff 2 received +100 million downloads on Google Play and 7.4 million comments on the application.

Tacticool. Short 5v5 fights around the world, car chases, a choice of 70 types of weapons, and free installation of the game.


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