How to advertise your Telegram channel in other people’s channels


A step-by-step guide to advertising in Telegram: from choosing channels to analyzing results. At the same time, I share all the statistics of my advertising for six months: selected channels, creatives, the number of attracted subscribers, and their cost.

In this article, I will tell you everything that I learned from my own experience about advertising in Telegram: how to choose channels, filter out junk channels, predict the result and write posts.

And I’ll also show all the statistics on advertising my channel: in which channels it was placed, what creatives I used, reach, number of subscribers, CPA, conversion, and so on.

How to advertise

Briefly about how to prepare a channel for advertising

It happens that the authors create a channel and make posts for 13 subscribers for months. It seems to them that it takes a lot of posts to run ads and that no one will subscribe to a channel with a small number of subscribers.

  1. This is not true. It is enough to carry out basic training, and you can buy advertising.
  2. Give the channel a name and profile picture if you haven’t already.
  3. Customize the channel description. The beginning of the description will be displayed in the snippets of advertising posts, so don’t forget about it.
  4. Write 5-7 posts. This is necessary so that the new audience understands what your channel is about. Just spend all the desire to write, but there is no point in this.

And that’s it! You can buy it. If advertising does not work, then the reasons should be looked for in the topic of the channel, the quality of posts, the quality of advertising channels or creatives – but definitely not that the channel is small and there are few posts in it.

Table with all the statistics on my placements

I share a table where all my placements are collected: creatives, channels, and performance indicators. Take it and study. Few people share such information.

View table

If the table seems convenient to you, you can make a copy to your disk, delete my placements and enter your own.

In the “Barter” column, I noted mutual PR, where we exchanged posts with channel admins. As a price in such publications, I set the cost of advertising on my channel – after all, instead of mutual PR, I could sell an advertising post that day.

Selection of channels for advertising

I recommend choosing channels in this order

  1. Channels of your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. It will be easiest to negotiate with these channels, including a friendly discount. Also, the creator of the channel can be asked to write a post-recommendation from himself so that your channel has more trust and the post itself stands out among other advertisements.
  2. Channels that you read yourself. For publication, you have to write an advertising post, and it is desirable that this post be combined with the content that usually appears on this channel. In familiar channels, this will be the easiest to do.

Plus, you are unlikely to read trash channels with unclear content and bots in subscriptions, so such channels can not be checked very carefully. And just to see yourself in the channel which you have been studying for a while is nice, albeit for your own money.

  1. Channels that have been recommended to you. If there are acquaintances who promote Telegram channels on your topic, ask them to tell you which ads in which worked best. Of course, you can also analyze the channel using open statistics. I will talk about this later – but nothing better than a specific recommendation has yet to be invented.

You can also ask the administrators of the channels where you buy ads for a recommendation – it’s not difficult for them, but it’s useful for you.

  1. Channels where other channels are advertised. The free TG Stat service will help us here – it has open statistics on all channels, including where they place their ads.

Find any channel through the search, go to the statistics, then “Subscriber Acquisition,” – and see in which channels there were mentions.

  1. Search through catalog sites. Thematic collections and channel ratings are available. You can also view catalogs on and Telega. in. Choose a category, sort by the number of subscribers, engagement, and/or placement cost, and add the channels you like to the table.

There will already be many more “garbage” channels, but among the garbage, you can find something good.


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