How to clean an android phone of a virus or tablet



How to clean an android phone of a virus or tablet

For the owner of an Android phone, the communication device is also a great entertainment tool: You may view videos, listen to music, etc. All this is an integral part of the use of the gadget, including the tablet. But when using the Internet, it is not at all difficult to catch a virus. Potentially, it can be present in absolutely any file that is downloaded.

What is the point of creating viruses by hackers? The most common reason is very banal – money. The main goal is to obtain information about bank accounts to withdraw funds from them later.

A team of professional programmers is working on removing viruses from smartphones and tablets. It is necessary to protect device owners from ever-new malware invented by hackers. Each time, the codes in them become more and more perfect, allowing you to receive information about the gadget’s owner: photos, videos, personal data, passwords from mail and social networks, and numbers from the phone book. Viruses can even block incoming and outgoing calls.

How to clean an android phone of a virus


How can a virus get into a device?

Not a single device is immune from the penetration of viruses. If you get rid of it, this material will tell you how to do it correctly.

The virus affects its performance when it enters a phone or tablet and can block various programs and applications. It also happens that a device with a virus stops functioning. How to remove a virusfrom Android will be described later.

Deleting using a computer

Using a personal computer is easier to remove a virus than on the phone or tablet itself. To do this, follow these steps:

·    Connect your mobile device to your computer, scan, and clean with an antivirus application.

·    As soon as the viruses are removed, disconnect the gadget from the computer and install the standard settings.

Recommendations: to clear the device in a short time and not lose important information, you need to copy all the data from the phone’s memory to a backup medium. Then, synchronize information and install an antivirus application.

The following antivirus programs are available for Android OS: Kaspersky Mobile Security and Avast. These are the most popular programs that will help eliminate the virus and block the process of installing suspicious applications, as well as calls and messages to short numbers.

How to clean an android phone of a virus


Deleting from a mobile device

Now about how to remove the banner “STOP – the content of the website is blocked.” Previously, it hit mainly computers, but recently it has begun to appear on Android phones as well.

You can remove this virus in the same way as on a PC. It hides in the web browser cache. In order to get rid of it, you need to clear the cache.

Upon completion of this process, you need to restart the browser, and this banner virus will disappear. To avoid a repeat of this awful circumstance, you need to use an antivirus application.


Resetting the device is another approach to solve the issue settings to factory settings. This can only be done as a last resort since all information will be deleted from the Android phone.

After resetting the settings, you need to install an antivirus and scan the device. You can also do this through a computer.

The virus may not be on the device itself but on its memory card. In this case, you need to carefully scan it and remove all suspicious applications.

The Trojan program Android.dialer.7.origin makes expensive calls, during which large amounts of money are deducted from the subscriber’s personal account. Its primary duty is to create a relationship without the consent of the owner of the telephone device with a specific number and write off funds from the account in favor of scammers.

Today, such Trojans are not very common but are still used by attackers for illegal activities. According to experts, premium rooms are often classified as entertainment portals for an adult audience.

The main nuances of this program, which is distributed as an erotic application, are the removal of its own shortcut from the list of applications and work under the guise of a system service.

At the same time, attempts to remove it through the system settings will be stopped, and the application blocks the cleaning and opens the main screen. Removal of this program is possible only with an antivirus through a computer.

Prevention of infection

If you follow the following tips, then you won’t have to remove viruses because they simply won’t get on the device:

·    You don’t need to enable developer mode.

·    Programs and applications are recommended to be installed only through official sites.

·    You should always carefully look at what information the program requires for its installation.

·    Be sure to install an antivirus on your device.

·    The best protection is prevention and prevention of the problem.


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