Best Android Apps You Should Install in 2022



Best Android Apps You Should Install in 2022

Best Android Apps You Should Install in 2022


Best Useful Android Apps

They will help you solve almost any problem with the help of a smartphone, inform you about the imminent snowfall or the police on the highway, and make purchases more profitable.

Google Lens

A smart application that allows you to scan the space around, recognize objects, copy text, search for products, and much more. In fact, these are your “virtual eyes” with artificial intelligence: with the “Google Lens,” you will be able to find on the Internet everything that falls into the “field of view” of your smartphone’s camera.

For example, determine the breed of a cat or brand of clothing, translate the text of the index into a language you understand, and so on.


Accurate weather forecast: for today, for tomorrow, in a week. You can follow it on the maps, as well as customize the display of data – select just the details that are significant to you. AccuWeather conveniently allows you to receive alerts as the weather changes dramatically.


Simple and convenient navigation tool with extra functionality. You can, for instance, share information with other users by reporting a pit, road construction, a police ambush, and other events.

Waze’s maps are remarkably precise, and the voice acting is convenient; there are hints on the lanes and smart rebuilding of the route if a traffic jam suddenly forms ahead.


All-in-One Menu Planner: Create recipes based on the foods you have in your fridge and create shopping lists. The application takes into account your preferences and allergies, helps you diversify your diet, and avoids buying too much.


Without using any cables, you may transfer information across several devices using straightforward software. Data is immediately shared across the devices on which the program is installed, including files and, for instance, other apps. Also, SHAREit will help you quickly transfer information from your old smartphone to a new one.


In this application, you can ask a question on homework and get comprehensive answers: a lot is already in the archive. This is not a solution book but an interactive platform, so it will help you cope even with non-standard Olympiad tasks.

Also, with Brainly, you can refresh your knowledge of the school curriculum: when you are doing homework with your child or, for example, preparing for an interview.

QR and barcode scanner

The application will scan not only the data but also show information about the product. For many codes, you can immediately find both prices and reviews. Useful if you’re shopping for a new item in a store and want to be sure of your choice.

Best Android Apps You Should Install in 2022



Application for the study of walking routes. This is a large-scale route guide with photos, accurate maps, and augmented reality. He will help you plan your trip, introduce you to the ski slopes and give you a hint, marking the direction right on the ground so that you do not lose your way.


Great budget planner. This application has a simple interface and convenient statistics that will help you quickly understand where and what money is spent. There is also a dark theme and desktop widgets.

The best photo and video apps for Android


One of the best apps for shooting spectacular time-lapse videos. In a simple interface, you can set all the necessary parameters and then leave your smartphone on a tripod to get a finished video accelerated ten times.

In shot

The photo, video, and music editor were created primarily for users of Instagram*, but it will also help you to express yourself on other social networks. Here it is convenient to adjust the speed of individual parts of the video, overlay music and voice-overs, and create video memes with funny effects.

Glitch Video Effects

An editor with very cool features that will help you quickly collect a viral clip and become a social media star. “Magic” effects, neon lighting, photo and video fusion, original backgrounds, and retro filters are very popular on TikTok, Instagram*, and other platforms.

ProCam X

Alternative camera for mobile photography. Even on mid-range smartphones, it helps to make spectacular shots. In the application, you can manually adjust all shooting parameters and get professional-level photos and videos without additional processing and filters.


one of the most well-liked Android video editors. In a fairly concise interface, the developers managed to realize very wide possibilities. There are also a lot of funny stickers, fonts, and transitions between parts of the video.


A handy application for editing videos and creating slideshows with music. It turns out to edit videos quickly enough and apply fashionable effects, inscriptions and stickers. Install it if you frequently post short videos on social networks.

Pics art

Convenient editor for photo and video editing. According to the developers, more than 1 billion users have installed it. The application pleases with a concise interface and a wide selection of free tools and effects. Some of the content is available by subscription.

The best Android apps for a healthy lifestyle and self-care

With them, paying attention to both the body and the emotional state will be especially easy and comfortable.


Probably the top app for bikers and runners. Even if you are not a professional but just enjoy exploring new avenues and spending time actively, it will help you keep track of your development.

The software develops routes on maps, lets you post them on social media, syncs with wearables and activity trackers, and assists you in meeting like-minded others.

Sleep Cycle

Normally, we sleep for a third of our lives, and our condition, energy, and desire to move mountains and reach new heights depend on how well we rest. This smart sleep tracking app will help you measure and improve your sleep quality. It also automatically records your sleep conversations, snoring, and other sounds.


The emotional state tracking app will serve as a concise diary in which you do not have to enter a single word. Just note how you felt today, what you did, and what emotions you experienced – and very soon, you will understand how your feelings changed when you were on the rise and when you were not.

Stay free

This program will assist you in getting rid of your smartphone addiction. It allows you to control your screen time, finds programs that often distract you, sets limits, and provides detailed reports with beautiful graphs.


One of the most popular applications that teach you to meditate and calm down. Thanks to this, more hours will appear in the day, and quarantine restrictions and those around you will no longer annoy you.


Dynamic 7-minute workouts at home will help even those who do not like sports to keep fit and recharge with energy. Most often, you do not need special equipment: simulators, dumbbells, and so on. You can choose the intensity of your workouts and do the exercises according to clear, understandable instructions. We are sure: Seven will help you get a new good habit.


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