Axie Infinity and NFT features in games


Game process

“Axis” that players can collect as pets.

The goal of the players is to breed and grow Axi, build kingdoms for them, and of course, fight.

The world of Axie Infinity has an economy where players trade the resources they earn.

To earn them, users must take part in different modes:

·    In PVP mode, players compete against each other to achieve a high ranking or get resources.

·    In PVE, players complete missions, defeat bosses, and complete storylines.

·    The foundation of the combat system is “idle battle.” This system is also used in Final Fantasy Tactics and Idle Heroes.

Axie Infinity


Axi is NFT tokens, which means they are unique. Each animal has special properties that determine the rarity and price of the token.

Axi has several classes:

1. Beasts

2. Reptiles

3. Birds

4. Insects

5. Plants

6. Waterfowl

Each class has pros and cons. For example, wars do a lot of damage, but they have little health. At the same time, reptiles have high health indicators but are inferior in damage. Animals can be crossed in order to obtain a new Axi with original characteristics.

NFT Items

In addition to Axi, tokens are also: “lands” and additional items.

“Earths” is the birthplace of mythical creatures and an important element of the gameplay. These are the houses where Axi develops.

Players can buy them and upgrade them with in-game items that can also be purchased. Now the world of Axie Infinity is divided into 90,601 “lands.”

How is Axie Infinity different from other games?

According to the description of the gameplay, it cannot be said that this project is different from others in the genre.

But there are a few differences:

·    This is a “Play-to-earn” game, that is, you can earn real money on it, and good ones. One Axi can cost several thousand dollars.

·    Axie Infinity is on the blockchain and supports NFT.

·    The economy belongs only to the players.


In Axie Infinity, the economy belongs only to the players. Developers do not sell game items and “skins” but are focused on the development of the “peer-2-peer” economy.

The community of the game also has a treasury, which is used by the owners of Axie Infinity Shards – AXS. There are fees from the market where users trade.


AXS is an ERC-20 token for the Axie universe. AXS can be earned by playing PVP and PVE. AXS holders can receive rewards for:

·    Participation in project management voting

·    Creating content for players

·    Staking

·    For playing Axie Infinity

Having more tokens increases a player’s influence on the economy and society of the game, which is similar to a democratic state, but in the game.

This makes AXS not just an in-game currency but an important component of the economy and society of the project.

Free Markets

All resources and items are tokens. They can be sold and bought by anyone in peer-to-peer markets.

Everyone is not just a player. That is, anyone can buy Axie and not play Axie Infinity but immediately go to the marketplace for NFT.

The main condition is that the marketplace must support ERC-20. You can not only sell and buy but also transfer NFT from one person to another.


In Axie Infinity, all items, animals, and lands are in the hands of the players. They can sell, buy and store anywhere. Nobody can take them.

But not for real money, but for the conditional currency on the site. For it, you can buy other “skins” and games.

It is impossible to withdraw them, except perhaps by selling them on secondary markets. And the players have “skins” only nominally, and their real owners are the developers. So, if the unexpected happens, the player will not be able to prove their ownership of the “skin.”



Can this be changed?

Only if NFTs are added to CS: GO. NFT is not difficult to attach: Ubisoft recently proved it but was criticized by the players.

So yes, you can. However, you also need to think about the opinion of the players, whose community is still biased towards tokens.

One can imagine a “boom” in the gaming community when knives and AK-47s with “skins” become NFTs.

With the NFT, it’s clear, but what about the economy subject to the players?

In EVE Online, the players really influence the economy. They trade on in-game markets and directly affect the price of items.

But the economy does not belong to them. Developers can adjust prices at any time, and players will not be able to do anything.

Unless they unite and stop trading on the market, then the economy of the game will really “stop.” True, this is more like a “trade war” between the players and the creators of the project.

And there can be no talk of “direct democracy” and influence on the key decisions of the project.

In Axie Infinity, this is not and will not be. The economy is controlled by the players. Developers are also players. Both those and those play on equal terms and determine prices and plans for the game.

It implies decentralization. In web 2.0 – it is impossible; everything rests on centralized game servers.

Blockchain is not profitable for large corporations either. With crypto, players will be able to earn money just by playing, which will hurt the wallets of companies.

What is the result?

Many elements of the NFT game cannot be replicated on web 2.0. Blockchain games are the future. Yes, at this stage of development, NFT games still offer weak gameplay, but in 2022 we will see several releases that promise to fix this.

Of the AAA titles, the most anticipated release is Illuvium, and there are dozens of gameplay-focused titles among indie developers, one of which is my production Rotgar, which is scheduled for release in May.


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