Starbucks Memphis employees who were fired must return



Starbucks Memphis employees who were fired must return

It is a win for labor regulators who sued Starbucks over the firings on the grounds that preserving employment was essential to preventing more labor infractions.

Starbucks claims there has been no retribution and said it would challenge the ruling. Regulators had provided sufficient evidence, according to judge Sheryl Lipman, to imply that labor law infractions had taken place.

She said that while the claims went through the lengthy legal procedure, reinstatement was “fair and reasonable.”

After looking into the event, the federal labor watchdog, the National Labor Relations Board, filed a lawsuit against Starbucks for the Memphis terminations in May.

Starbucks Memphis employees who were fired must return


According to Starbucks, the employees were dismissed for violating corporate policies, which included letting customers in after closure. It was claimed that in one instance, the workers had let journalists enter the café for a television interview concerning the union initiative.

The business announced its intention to challenge Judge Lipman’s ruling, which may delay any rehiring. Starbucks issued a statement saying, “We vehemently disagree with the judge’s decision.

“These people broke many rules and neglected to uphold safety requirements and a secure working environment. Partners that support a union are still required to abide by the rules that are in place to safeguard our consumers, partners, and the communities we serve.”

Since the union drive began last year, employees at about 220 Starbucks locations throughout the U.S. have chosen to become members of a union, giving them the ability to collectively bargain for salary, benefits, and other working conditions.

Starbucks, which operates close to 9,000 locations in the U.S. under license and controls hundreds more, claims it prefers to handle employee grievances directly rather than through a “third party.”

Starbucks Memphis employees who were fired for writing a racial slur on a customer’s cup must return to their jobs, a company spokesman said Wednesday. Starbucks told The Associated Press that the employees are ” welcome back” but did not say when they would return or if they had been disciplined.

The incident happened last week when a customer at a Starbucks in the city’s downtown area found the slur written on his cup. The customer, who is black, posted a photo of the cup on social media. Starbucks stated that it is looking into the issue. The employee who wrote the slur no longer works at the store. The company did not say whether the other employees who were fired were involved in the incident. Starbucks has more than 2,000 stores in the U.S. and employs about 120,000 people.

Recently, Starbucks has received criticism for its handling of a situation at one of its Memphis locations. Several employees were fired after a video of them fighting with a customer went viral.

The customer in question had allegedly been harassing and verbally abusive towards the employees, and they had asked him to leave the store several times before the fight took place. Starbucks has since issued an apology, and they have stated that the employees who were fired will be offered their jobs back.

This situation highlights the importance of de-escalation training for customer-facing employees. In a similar situation, Starbucks employees would be expected to defuse the situation and resolve it without escalating to violence.


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