Fitness apps free home workout weight loss for both women and men’s 2022


Not everyone can afford a personal trainer or a gym membership in fitness. If they are able to, the only thing that can stop them is a lack of time. Due to the hectic lifestyle that everyone has, it is not possible to devote time to the gym and exercise every day.

There are situations when the road from home to the gym takes a long time. But fitness is important, and how to do without a gym? The answer to this question is workout apps. You don’t need to go to the gym to exercise. There are so many Fitness apps free home workouts that you can easily try.

Fitness apps free

Freeletics – Workout & Fitness. Body Weight App

One of the most popular fitness apps. Lots of bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere. You can choose ready-made programs or create your own. Each exercise is accompanied by a video on how to perform it correctly. For convenience, built-in timers and counters. There is also a paid subscription with the development of an individual fitness plan.

Fitbit Coach

It also offers workout videos, but it also has a radio with upbeat music. A subscription gives you access to personalized and restricted content.


Contains calisthenics exercises and programs, but some may require equipment. The correct execution is shown in the video by professional trainers. The exercises vary in difficulty and user experience; You can upload your own or use someone else’s.

Cardio, HIIT, and Aerobics

Interval training with the ability to adjust the duration of the exercise and recovery phases, as well as select exercises. There are light cardio workouts, from which you can gradually move on to more intense exercises.

The application can count calories burned based on the parameters of the body of a particular user. The developer of Fitify has other sports apps for training specific body parts and with different fitness tools.

Interval training at home

4-minute workouts fit perfectly into small breaks during work or between household chores. There are workouts for pulling up different parts of the body and burning fat, and you can also create your own program. Among other things, the user has a timer, calorie counter, statistics, music, and integration with Google Fit.

Aaptiv – Audio Fitness App

The adaptive app has different types of workouts guide for the inclusion of men and women. The combination of a personal trainer and this software and a high bpm playlist. This playlist will invigorate and invigorate you during your workouts.

The coach’s voice will play in the background, and the coach will guide you throughout the session. There are several classes available, and once you have a membership, you can access them all without any restrictions. Developers update the application once a week, and thirty new classes are added.

PEAR – Personal Fitness Trainer

Both men and women may use this exercise software to increase their physical strength. PEAR has several Yoga, cardio, and strength training workouts, and you can choose any of them you want. Whether it’s an intense workout or something that will calm your mind, you can get that workout with PEAR.

This one of the best fitness apps has partnered with many brands to provide high-quality workout instructions. There are such best coaches as Denna and Jenny Hadfield. Every stage of the procedure will be demonstrated to you by them with proper instructions.

Fitness apps free

Yoga Studio for Fitness

A lot of people practice Yoga across the world, and it cannot be denied. For women who love practicing Yoga and want an app that will help them with that, then Yoga Studio is nothing short of a blessing.

The application has more than 75 ready-made classes with different types of yoga poses. No matter what type of pain or soreness your body is experiencing, Yoga has a remedy for everything, and you can find that remedy by practicing at a yoga studio.

This application can be customized according to your requirements. There are three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced), target areas (strengthening, flexibility, relaxation, etc.), and a period of time to practice Yoga.

Volt: AI Workout App

This Volt app is developed by Gatorade, a sports fueling company. The app has a variety of workout options for everyone. You can choose the category you want and start training, or you can choose the all-in-one athlete plan and tone your body. This app features customized plans, and you can create your weekly plan with a mix of fun and challenging balance exercises.


If you are a woman or a man who loves a challenge, then this is the fitness app for you. This will help in training planning, running routes, and training plans that will help you schedule the right training regimen.

MapMyRun has several challenges to keep you hooked at all times. You can stick to a specific goal for each day, week, or month, and once you reach that goal, you’ll be rewarded with points. This application has various workouts and workouts that you will enjoy.


Sworkit aims to customize apps and provide the right workout for everyone. Your current fitness level doesn’t matter. The best fitness app for women provides a variety of easy-to-follow videos with so many adaptable plans and workouts that you can easily fit into your schedule.

Whatever your schedule, you can always find time to work out with this Sworkit app. Choosing the right workout along with the time you have is ready.

Some of the exercises include Yoga, stretching, pilates, cardio, and strength training. Workouts you’ll find on Sworkit. Don’t worry about the hardware because everything in this app is free.

Daily Butt Workout

This application is mainly focused on the lower body. This app provides different types of workouts ranging from five to ten minutes long, and you may pick the one that properly matches your schedule. A private trainer is beneficial. Develop and demonstrate these workouts.

This routine is accompanied by a video and a timer so that every exercise you perform is properly tracked.

C25K 5K trainer

The C25K app will inspire you to run around the streets. As the name suggests, you should leave the couch and start running to improve your overall fitness. This is a very popular application with specific instructions for beginners.

The running plan is laid out in a simple format, and you need to run for twenty minutes to half an hour three times a week. The trainer will voice you so you can understand the exercises. There are three voiceovers in total, so you can choose the one you like.

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