Best app for video calling that helps you in good communication 2022



Best app for video calling that helps you in good communication 2022


We live in rather difficult times. Times when you are advised to avoid social contact for health reasons. However, you will still need to keep in touch with friends and family. So doing it during a video call seems like a logical step, right? Well, yes, this is another better option. So it’s no surprise that the Best app for video calling apps has been quite popular on iOS and Android in the past year.

To aid you in choosing the finest video calling software for Android, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorites. Use. Each of these apps is great, although each has some unique feature or something that makes it different. Of course, various other video calling apps are available on the Play Store, but these are our favorites, and chances are you’ll like some of them.

Best app for video calling


Best Video Call Apps for Android

Below is a brief overview of Android’s top 10 video calling apps, including download and in-app purchase costs.

Google Duo

For most people, Google Duo is the Best app for video calling. Why? Well, it works fantastically, is quite simple to use, and has the full support of Google. The use of this program is entirely free and is even preinstalled on some Android smartphones. So far. We all know that the company kills services after a while, so let’s hope Google Duo doesn’t believe it.

The quality of video calls with a decent internet connection is really good. Google Duo lets you group chat with up to 32 people, and everything is also encrypted. You can even exchange video messages with your friends using this app. Google Duo is available for Android and iOS, so you’re not limited to just Just making sure your iOS buddies have it loaded on one platform.


In the past, ZOOM has faced significant challenges. The app/service has encountered some security issues and bugs, but most of them have been resolved. ZOOM has managed to become extremely popular in a relatively short amount of time.

The pandemic has made this app even more successful, or so it appears. Although ZOOM is a fantastic tool for communicating with pals, the service offers more focus on cloud meetings.

Many people use this application for their meetings. You can also send messages through this app; the same goes for photos and files. It is also possible to make and receive phone calls. The app even offers a special driving mode to focus on driving.

Many other features are included here. Please note that the app’s rating is still quite low due to the above issues. The app still has some bugs but is much better than before.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a business-focused video calling app that does the job perfectly. Its software offerings are usually quite attractive. This app is no different. The application offers meetings, video conferences, and the possibility of regular calls. Additionally, chat threads are supported if you must deliver a message to your team.

Within this software, you may choose channels for your teams that allow HD audio and video conversations. To-do lists may also be made in this application while accessing the calendar and cloud storage. Sending documents is a breeze, as are filed in general. If you need to customize notifications, various options are also available. We’ve only scratched the surface here; many more features are available.

Best app for video calling



If you’re concerned about privacy, Signal is for you. This app is completely standalone and is supported by users just like you. The app has no ads and doesn’t track you. It’s primarily a messaging service, but it also supports HD voice and video calls. In fact, video calls in Signal are very well done, and we didn’t have any problems with the app.

The program has a rather clean, minimalistic style, and it has a pleasant user experience. You may contact your loved ones with this program by using your current phone number and address book. The built-in image editing tools may be used to enhance the pictures you’re about to send. There are other features here to try, so if you’re interested, Signal is worth checking out.


This program, like WhatsApp, is fantastic for group conversations, especially audio calls. Although it also works well for video conversations, Viber is one of the top applications for phone calls. One of the most popular applications, in reality, is Viber. for calling anyone, at least in some regions of the world. The user interface of this application is unique.

It’s nothing special, but it’s just different from other similar apps. As with WhatsApp, Viber will require your phone number to work. It is tied to one device, which is its main disadvantage. This application is, first and foremost, also an instant messaging service. You may use it to email your buddies pictures and videos. And family and more.


Most likely, if you play video games, you have heard of Discord. This instant messaging app is built for gamers and is unlike any other app on the list. You can create different channels/communities on Discord to chat with your friends. You can send text, voice, or video messages, as well as video calls. You can video chat with anyone.

This app is also great for watching streaming games of your friends, for example, or you can get together and have a screen-sharing painting session.

You can turn any image into your own emoji through the app, and the app offers customizable moderation tools and permission levels. There are tons of options here, everything a gamer would need in an app like Discord. However, you are not being forced to do anything.


ICQ probably brings fond memories to those of you who are older. Once upon a time, ICQ was the king of instant messaging on PC. It was one of the most popular instant messaging apps along with Instant Messaging, and then MSN Messenger reappeared.

Some of you probably didn’t even know that ICQ still exists. Well, not only is it there, but it’s excellent. You can download it for free through the Play Store.

If you still remember your credentials, you can even sign in to your old account. This app offers all the features you would expect from a modern instant messaging app and looks great too.

Moreover, it supports both voice and video calls. You can make these one-on-one calls or do group calls; the choice is yours. Voice messages, video call masks, and more are also supported. ICQ has many features.



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